5 Day Itinerary for Yachting Holidays in Sardinia

sardinia-516860_1280At SmartYacht we make sure that each yacht share owner gets to benefit from his/her yacht during all seasons of the year.  Are you a yacht co-owner or a solo yacht owner trying to figure out which part of the Mediterranean to explore aboard your yacht this winter? We have a suggested itinerary for you in store.

This winter spend your yachting holidays in Sardinia – one of the most important yachting destinations in the ever-popular Western Mediterranean. The beautiful island boasts some of the most attractive beaches and harbours in the Med, and offers an enticing mix of Italian culture and history to be explored.

The Italian island with its 300 days of sunshine per year and warm winds off the African continent has a delightful climate suitable for winter cruising.

You will find that Sardinia with its natural rugged beauty and chic ports, restaurants and beach clubs compares well with trendy yachting hot spots, such as the French or Italian Rivieras.

Day 1

A good star for the yachting holidays in Sardinia is Olbia, one of the island’s most popular holiday destinations. Before cruising in your fractional yacht off to other parts of Sardinia, visit this idyllic port and its old town with the spectacular 17th century St. Paolo Church and the thermal baths. Two sections of the town also offer a splendid opportunity for shopping, with a lineup of fancy boutiques and crafty local merchants. This part of Sardinia is ideal for those looking to escape the hectic flow of tourists, which other famous Italian destinations have. This is an ideal destination to experience the indigenous Italy and its culture and create memories that will last for a lifetime.

Day 2

Porto Rotondo
Next morning cruise to the island of Tavolara, which is an excellent destination for those, who like diving. Divers can explore the extraordinary marine environment between Tovalar and Malarotto, unique in the entire Mediterranean. Next you can navigate until the little village port, Porto Rotondo, where you can stay for the night and enjoy idyllic serenity. The attractions of a Porto Rotondo are its picturesque harbour, ancient architecture, friendly locals, and, of course, exquisite food.

sardinia-85933_1280Day 3

Cala di Volpe
You can spend your third day of the yachting holidays on board your yacht in Cala di Volpe, a massively popular spot for sojourn in Sardinia. During the day you can enjoy its relaxing beaches, and in the evening you can go ashore to dine at one of the famous restaurants, such as Romazzino, where they serve local food with influences from Phoenician to Spanish cuisines.

Day 4

Porto Cervo
Spend another quiet morning at sea before navigating to fashionable Porto Cervo, which is the main centre of the Costa Smeralda. It is a perfect spot for luxury motor yacht holidays. Porto Cervo is a picture perfect village with a myriad of multicoloured buildings, popular with celebrities and the jet set. The village has an old port (which dates back to the 60s) and the new harbor, which is well equipped for the international marine traffic. If you prefer not to use the port, you can anchor in the bay.

la-maddalena-240293_1280Day 5

La Maddalena, Bonifacio
On the fifth day of your yachting holidays you can navigate to the archipelago of La Maddalena. It’s largest island boasts a remarkably indented coastline with numerous charming beaches, such as Cala Maiore or Monti d’Arena, and inlets perfect for a landfall. The only town on the island is set in a very picturesque spot, on the slopes of the hill Gardia Vecchia. When you travel to this little town, you can enjoy superb panoramic views over the Sardinian coast, the islands of Santo Stefano and Caprera.  The best way to discover the island is to travel along its panoramic road, which covers the island and allows visitors to reach all the best parts of the island. The environment of the archipelago is extraordinary. To preserve it, the entire archipelago was declared a National Park in 1996.

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