5 key factors for a successful yacht share

Whether you wish to explore the Mediterranean, the Arabian Sea or the Carribean – owning a luxury private yacht need not be an impossible dream. Shared yacht ownership is an excellent alternative to sole yacht ownership and SmartYacht have it covered with our sophisticated service and portfolio of luxurious yachts around the world. Here are the five key factors for a successful yacht share.

Secure Property

Especially these days, you may be asking yourself how to make sensible purchases and how to protect your assets the best way you can. Co-ownership is often mistaken for luxury yacht timeshare models that do not allow for genuine ownership. However, the progressive and legally certain framework of SmartYacht protects co-owners to the maximum degree possible against external threats such as credit risk, indebtedness or other financial distress. This results in a far more secure ownership model compared with sole ownership.


Imagine waking up in the morning and cruising wherever you wish on your co-owned yacht. SmartYacht offers complete flexibility to the luxury yacht co-owner. Under the SmartYacht shared yacht ownership model, co-owners are in complete control of their share and independent of other owners. As a result, you can sell your share anytime. The online reservation system helps make booking straightforward. As well as booking well in advance and short notice, the system allows you to order beverages and supplies for your luxury yacht break. A full laundry service is provided for you and your guests upon arrival and further services are available during the stay.


Flexible Yacht Usage

Versatile usage of the yacht corresponds with the needs of yacht co-owners meaning you can make use of your own yacht when you wish and also have time, that is the goal of the shared yacht ownership models. Say for example you intend to enjoy a few weeks with your loved ones or you have short-term business visits abroad? It’s simple, so long as there is a model of use which helps assure flexible usage of the yacht. SmartYacht, therefore employs a three season system which ensures the yacht is available for every owner during their peak season. Our highly crafted co-ownership system takes care to ensure that all co-owners have a diverse range of interests, pursuits and hobbies. These are coordinated and merged to avoid overlapping or conflicts in the holiday calendar.

Fair and transparent Costs

Clear financial costs and details are presented transparently to all co-owners. Sharing costs is an advantageous benefit of yacht ownership as it is far more sustainable that traditional sole yacht ownership. Yacht owners don’t use their yacht 24 hours a day every day of the year and co-ownership offers an affordable alternative.

One should make sure that the financial arrangements of a shared yacht ownership are fairly and proportionately divided in the line with the yacht share percentage. SmartYacht presents all fixed costs in a clear and translucent manner. Accordingly, there are no unexpected expenses and you merely purchase what you possess and use.

a yacht crew on a shared yacht ownership yacht

For larger yachts, the crew is in place all year round and crew costs are automatically calculated into the annual costs of shared yacht ownership. The yachts we offer all have separate crew quarters ensuring sufficient privacy on board.

All-around service

For a successful yacht share, you need not be concerned about anything! Your well-deserved time aboard is more than likely already limited. Therefore, you do not wish to spend your time completing the daily chores involved in the smooth running of a yacht. The specialist management on offer by SmartYacht as part of the shared ownership agreement includes the coordinating of maintenance, mooring, cleaning and repositioning. Depending on the size of the yacht, SmartYacht provides the professional crew for the duration of your stay on the yacht. For co-owners who prefer to operate the yacht themselves, full training and instruction is offered by our seasoned skippers.

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