5 Med destinations – fractional yacht ownership


The Mediterranean is renowned for its sumptuous food, its glorious sun-drenched beaches and, of course, its bath-warm, crystal waters. And there really is no way better to enjoy this region than to set sail and explore by boat – the summery, salty air brushing against your face; the access you have to little-known treasures and natural sites of beauty; the freedom and luxuriousness of being in command of your own journey. With SmartYacht’s fractional yacht ownership, you can experience all the gloriousness of being captain during your travels for a fraction of the price. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best locations that you could visit on your travels:


Just a stone’s throw across from the enchanting Amalfi coast’s delicately peppered, multicoloured houses, which seem to cling onto the sheer cliff face for dear life, lays Sicily. This region is best known for its bustling ports, lemons and seafood. Rounding a corner, you suddenly move away from the hustle of Palermo city, and reach Taormina on the east coast. The scent of ripe lemons catches the breeze as you wander through the narrow hillside pathways. Stopping off for a quick espresso, you then set off to Isola Bella to unwind and relax on its idyllic beach, taking your yacht out to the coves and volcanic islands offshore.

Almafi Coast


Centuries of invasion have contributed to Croatia’s vibrant and varied culture. From ruins to water sports, music festivals to eclectic feasts – Croatia is a hub for the more sociable traveler. Whether you dock at Dubrovnik of the Dalmation coast, which is littered with terracotta rooftops and brimming with delicious regional wine, or if you step out in Split and explore the sprawling ancient ruins along the coast, Croatia is a lively and entertaining country to visit with your yacht.



Home to the super-wealthy, Monaco is 200 hectares of exclusivity and grandiosity. Famous for its hilltop casino and glitzy marina, Monaco and your fractional yacht ownership will enable you to rub shoulders with extremely fashionable crowds. If splurging in the designer shops is not your thing, the fast cars of Formula 1 or the adrenaline-boosting gaming halls are sure to whet your appetite.



Whitewashed walls and dashes of Greek blue are what dreams are made of. Greece is a haven for feta lovers and sun worshippers alike. If you’d prefer somewhere a bit quieter and less touristy than Santorini, the beaches of Mykonos will have you all in a fluster. It is impossible not fall in love with this picture-perfect country.



With temperatures of between 15-25 degrees in the springtime, Malta is a popular holiday destination for those wanting a short break and some much-needed vitamin D. If the collection of vineyards, bars and restaurants do not keep you entertained, there are lots of diving sites around the Maltese coasts that are great for adventuring in the Mediterranean depths.


Whether you visit charming port towns of Europe, or sail the open seas, your yacht co-ownership allows you access to an exclusive club, which is experienced by few. The freedom to personally tailor your yacht vacation means that the world really is your oyster.

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