Why not Take up our Offer of Boat Ownership in Mallorca This Autumn?

As the long evenings draw in around much of Northern Europe and the temperatures drop, many of us find ourselves pondering about where we can go at this time of year to escape the onset of winter.

Half term holidays are looming, and where better to take the kids than on  one of our vessels in our hugely successful boat ownership scheme.

One of our most popular autumnal destinations for fractional boat clients has proved time and time again to be the island of Mallorca, in the Mediterranean Sea.

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands, situated almost half way between the Spanish and North Africa coastlines. Its location means that the weather generally stays wonderful and warm until late in the year.

In fact, temperatures this week peeked at a pleasurable 28C in Mallorca, meaning that clients who have sailed to the azure blue waters surrounding the island are in for a real treat this half term.

But Mallorca’s plus points go way beyond its clement weather. The island is without doubt one of the greatest natural destinations in the Mediterranean, with majestic limestone cliffs which fall away into the crystal clear waters. The coastline is punctuated by picturesque coves which are surrounded by sweet smelling pine forests. The island is a yachtsman’s dream.

Once on dry land, visitors are warmly welcomed by a friendly population who are proud to show you their home. The food in Mallorca is particularly delicious, with a favourite of ours being the multitude of tapas bars which served not only delicious patatas bravas and seafood specialities but also excellent vino tinto.

We currently have a number of luxury yachts available to buy under our fractional ownership scheme including the auspicious Sunseeker 60 Manhattan.



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