BYO: Bring Your Own Yacht

SmartYacht isn’t just for those who want to co-own yachts, or for those who join our Yacht Vacation Membership Club – it’s also the perfect choice for savvy, time-poor yacht owners. If you own your own yacht outright, but want someone else to take care of its year-round running, including optional charter management that can create income from your yacht, then SmartYacht’s Bring Your Own Yacht option is ideal for you.

Through BYO Yacht, SmartYacht offers owners the opportunity to add their yachts to the SmartYacht fleet. In this way you’ll be able to enjoy the all-year yacht management and charter management services that we provide. With a yacht of your own that, with SmartYacht’s help, essentially takes care of itself, you’ll get to enjoy effortless yachting pleasure, without concerning yourself with the considerable hard work of crew recruitment or supervising yacht surveys. You’ll also be able to avoid the endless paperwork burden of maritime regulation or yacht registration.

Earning an Income: Putting Your Yacht to Work For You

yacht fractions
Charter your yacht with SmartYacht.

If you so wish, we’ll even use your yacht as part of our fleet for our elite vacation club members. You would still have exclusive use of your yacht whenever you want it. However, on weeks you don’t want to use it, we can help ensure that your yacht earns a charter income for you. We’ll market your yacht to our VIP club clients, and carefully manage every step of the charter process. You won’t have to do a thing – just see the money build up in your account!

Those existing yacht owners who would like to further share the costs of owning their yachts, can also elect to offer their yacht up for co-ownership, thereby ‘selling shares’ of their yacht. You can opt to be part of a one-third or a one-quarter ownership model. This would be a good option for yacht owners who are finding that they simply don’t have the time to use their yacht for more than six to nine weeks of the year. And, therefore, the cost burden of paying for a yacht year-round is simply not turning out to be a sound investment.

SmartYacht makes certain that owners won’t even notice that their yachts are being chartered by club members, or used by the other co-owners. This is because, every time you return onboard, your personal belongings will be just where you left them, the yacht will be set up exactly as you like it and the crew will welcome you as if you’ve never been away. This is just one of the luxurious benefits you’ll receive from all-year yacht management.

Own Your Yacht, and Also Enjoy Our Global Fleet

Global Fleet of yachts
The global fleet of yachts with SmartYacht.

When your yacht joins the SmartYacht fleet, you’ll even gain access to our entire complement of yachts in locations around the globe – meaning you won’t have to go to the expense and trouble of transporting your yacht between the Med and the Caribbean, Dubai or the Seychelles.

Instead, when you wish to go boating in another locale, all you need to do is simply book time on one of our other yachts in that destination. In this way, you can enjoy the flexibility of the luxury yachting way of life all around the world – with amazing convenience and comfort. And, as one of our premium yacht owners, the crew will treat you like a privileged owner, even when you’re not on your own yacht.

Making Yacht Ownership Easy

Captain of the yacht.


People often join SmartYacht because they want yacht ownership to be simpler and easier. We make the entire process and experience of yacht ownership more pleasant and effort-free, whether you decide to co-own, or continue basking in the ultimate luxury of owning your yacht outright.

In addition, SmartYacht all-year yacht management and charter management puts your precious asset to work for you. With SmartYacht, all you have to do is BYO yacht, and we do the rest, leaving you free to just step aboard, relax, and savour the superyacht lifestyle.


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