Crewed Charter Yacht Share vs Flying Solo

There are few things more luxurious than a yachting holiday, and with the revolutionary concept of yacht sharing, more and more people are able to fulfil their dreams of cruising glistening oceans. However, many people don’t know that when chartering a yacht, there are two options: crewed charter, where a captain handles the steering of the vessel, or flying solo, where it is just you, your yacht, and the ocean.


Crewed Charter

The advantages of crewed charter with your yacht share are obvious: you don’t have to worry about steering and can lie back and enjoy the luxurious sides of yachting, resting easily in the knowledge that your captain will handle anything concerning your vessel. However, hiring a crew can be expensive, and in some cases, it can even be the costliest part of your yacht charter. Luckily, there is an alternative to crewed charter that is more in line with the yacht sharing principle of affordability.


Flying Solo

With SmartYacht, you have the possibility of hiring certain yachts without crew. Flying solo gives you the chance to be your own captain and circumnavigate the costs of crew hire. This allows you maximum independence for your yacht share, and you can even learn a new skill!

Steering a yacht can be intimidating at first, but with proper instruction, it is possible to master it within a short time. At SmartYacht, we offer our clients courses taught by experienced professionals, so they will be prepared for any aspect of captaining a yacht.

When buying a yacht share or a club membership for a yacht where you fly solo, SmartYacht will treat you to a free Yachtmaster training course on your own boat. You can choose between coastal or offshore training, and our expert instructors will be happy to answer all questions you have, so you’ll feel confident handling your vessel.


Princess 50 Fly

If you are thinking about taking the plunge into flying solo, the Princess 50 Fly is the perfect choice of vessel. Easy to handle even in choppier waters, this elegant boat will inspire confidence in your captaining skills. Based in the Mediterranean paradise of Mallorca, a yacht share on the Princess 50 lets you discover the beaches of the Balearics in luxury, undisturbed by crew and able to make your own itinerary.


Whether you would like to start flying solo, or you’d like more information about our yachtmaster training, get in touch today to find the perfect yacht sharing holiday.

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