Dazzling Dubai: The Emerging Destination for Luxury Yachting

At the start of March Рaround the same time as the Dubai International Boat Show 2016, which was a resounding success Рthe director of Mina Rashid announced plans for an expansive new harbour in Dubai. The facility, which will cater for over 400 yachts, will become one of the largest yachting hubs in the Middle East. In the last 25 years, the city has seemingly risen from the desert to become one of the most advanced cities on Earth. Such vast developments exemplifies the emergence of Dubai as a yachting destination of veritable stature.

Dazzling Dubai SmartYcht  fractional yacht ownership

Towering skyscrapers – such as the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building – pierce the stratosphere, defying the oppression of clouds, and create a metallic mountain range that is adorned with reflective glass. The effect is breathtaking. Cruising between the artificially constructed islands that characterise Dubai’s coast is, in itself, a memorable experience. Experience some of the most luxurious activities in the world to indulge in the high life: The Dubai World Cup, a horse racing extravaganza with millions of dollars at stake, is the most prestigious event in Dubai’s social calendar; A private helicopter charter provides the best view of the skyline; or a personal supercar tour through the city. Dine in lavish michelin-starred restaurants and experience some of the finest nightlife in the world.

Dazzling Dubai SmartYcht  fractional yacht ownership

As a progressive brand within the yachting industry, SmartYacht has taken heed of calls to offer its services in this unique destination. Shared yacht ownership is now available in Dubai, with the lavish Prestige 500 enabling seafarers the opportunity to take advantage of the yachting hub for a fraction of the price. The spectacular vessel has a top speed of 28 knots and can accommodate six guests in three spacious staterooms, with additional cabins for crew. Your yacht share includes the services of a captain, with the option of a stewardess to cater for your requirements. With shares starting from just EUR 199,000, your yacht ownership fantasy can soon become a reality, in one of the most exotic and luxurious yachting destinations in the world.

Dazzling Dubai SmartYcht  fractional yacht ownership

As you recline on the sun deck of your luxury yacht, sipping a cocktail, assured by the knowledge that your costs are split with the other owners, your attention will turn to the dual qualities of Dubai: the limitless ways to enjoy the futuristic city and the opportunity to relax in complete serenity.

Please contact a member of the dedicated SmartYacht team to discuss your yachting adventure to Dubai.

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