Ferrari Car vs Yacht: Treat Yourself To More Than A Classic Sportscar


Whether you’ve just retired, sold a business, picked up some inheritance, or are simply looking for a unique and luxurious way to treat yourself, you may well be thinking about a purchasing a Ferarri. In fact, so many people choose this classic supercar that it has become a bit of a stereotype. But, is there a better option? Here we look at a Ferrari car vs. yacht to see which is a better investment – and which you’ll get the most enjoyment out of in the long term. You see, with SmartYacht’s shared boat ownership schemes, you are able to enjoy a top-tier yacht many months out of the year for less, bringing yacht ownership into the same league as that of a Ferarri.

With our fractional yacht scheme, owning a yacht is now within grasp for many more people. It makes sense really – are you going to be using your yacht 365 days out of the year? You’re a busy person, meaning you’ll have periods where you’re not able to use the yacht, so why pay all that money to solely own a boat which will sit around doing nothing for some of the year? Co-owning a luxury boat is easy, cheap, and cost-effective compared to buying one outright.

A yacht cruising through water - when it comes to ferrari car vs. yacht, there is no competition

Ferrari car vs. yacht: What’s better?

So many people buy a classic sportscar without thinking about all the pros and cons of owning a sports car and driving it around regularly. You see, as a Ferarri owner – especially if you own a special edition like the Enzo in the famous Ferrari Red – you can rest assured that you’re going to be mobbed wherever you go. People will take pictures of you, ask you how much it costs, ask you to rev the engine, and generally be a nuisance. Even if you’re just trying to take a romantic spin with your beloved, the charm of it will be ruined by all the unwanted attention.

The other downside of owning a Ferrari is that it’s not very practical nor convenient to drive. There’s not much room to fit passengers or luggage in a Ferrari, they get an average yearly mileage of 2,000 or 3,000 miles, and if you come across any bumps or potholes in the road it can be a real struggle getting over them in a car that’s so low down to the ground.

Yes, a Ferrari looks sophisticated and it drives fast, but its allure ends there. Unless you’re spending your days aimlessly driving through well-paved streets with no traffic, only ever taking one passenger with you at a time, it’s not the right treat for you.

A man with an expensive suit standing in front of a Ferrari

Yachts: Exploration, luxury and practicality combined

On the other hand of the Ferrari car vs. yacht debate, a yacht is essentially a floating holiday home, allowing you to travel luxuriously between exotic destinations while soaking up the sun and the marvellous views of the ocean. Unlike a sports car with limited passenger space, your family and friends can enjoy a yacht with you, whether you use it for travelling, sunbathing, or hosting late-night yacht parties in the middle of the ocean!

People often think of sports cars as representing freedom and adventure, but a yacht can offer you so much more. Of course, you might be thinking that a Ferrari is cheaper than a yacht, but SmartYacht’s shared ownership scheme brings the cost of using a yacht down significantly, making it easier than ever before to get your hands on an opulent seaborne vessel. We also maintain the vessel for you, meaning you don’t have to worry about any surprise charges later on down the line. Why not spend your money on something which is spacious, opulent, and fun for the whole family? You could also save in the long-term on hotel holiday bookings – after all, you have an on-the-water hotel at your disposal!

A couple relaxing together on a beautiful yacht

The ultimate adventure within your grasp

Our yachts provide you with the ultimate escapist vessel, allowing you to explore the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Seychelles or Dubai at your leisure. On the other hand, buying a supercar will leave you with maintenance costs, unwanted attention, and limited opportunities for adventure. When it comes to the great Ferrari car vs. yacht debate, we’re pretty sure you’ll prefer the floating holiday home!


Want to find out more about yacht co-ownership and the joys it could bring you? Contact the SmartYacht team to talk to one of our team – we’d love to help.

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