Fireworks Festival on the French Riviera

Held annually in the fantastic setting of an open bay between the Iles de Lérins and the Pointe de l’Estérel, Cannes International Fireworks festival is one of the major summer events on the Cote d’Azur, which is best viewed from the deck of a luxury yacht.  Every year world’s leading pyrotechnicians go out of their way to impress an average of 200,000 visitors as well as numerous yacht guests.

The competition, which has been held since 1966, brings top pyrotechnic specialists to show off their talent. As a result, guests and residents of the French Riviera get to enjoy a spectacular show, when a series of fabulous firework displays colors the sky, accompanied by carefully selected music.

Owners of fractional yachts, crusing along the French Riviera, should certainly add this event to their itinerary. Yachts anchored in the bay of Cannes can experience the fireworks as if it is a show put on just for them, because the view of the fireworks aboard a yacht is extraordinary.  Not only do you get to marvel at how the bright lights of the fireworks reflect on the water and the sky turns into a dazzling display of colours and stunning shapes, but also you get to enjoy a true performance as each show is tuned to perfectly match with the music.


Cannes Fireworks Schedule 2014 :

Monday – 14th of July – Morsani Pirotecnica (Italy)

Monday – 21st of July – Zaragozana Pirotecnia (Spain)

Tuesday – 29th of July – Vaccalluzzo Pirotecnia (Italy)

Thursday – 07th of August – Pyragric (France)

Friday – 15th of August – Pyro Magic (Hong Kong, China)

Sunday – 24th of August – Khan (Russia)

Add one of those fabulous firework shows to your calendar when cruising the Mediterranean aboard your fractional yacht and make sure to enjoy some of the world’s best fireworks.

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