Follow the Sun to the Seychelles

Winter is coming, a chill has descended upon Europe, and the anchorages of the Mediterranean are left deserted as the superyachts migrate to warmer climes.

It’s time to follow the sun (and the yachts) to the tropical Seychelles, where palm trees bend over turquoise seas, giant tortoises lumber across soft white-sand beaches, and spa hotels, with dizzying infinity-pool views, sit perched above primeval rainforests.

Sounds rather lovely, doesn’t it. The great news is that you can experience glamorous summers in the Med and dreamy winters in the Seychelles for a fraction of the cost of traditional yacht ownership – with yacht co-ownership Seychelles through SmartYachts.


Experience Tropical Winter Bliss with a Yacht Share in the Seychelles

Yacht share to Seychelles
Yacht share in the Seychelles with SmartYacht

Part of the SmartYacht fleet of fractional ownership yachts is based in the Seychelles during the winter months, giving our co-owners and vacation club members the splendid opportunity to explore the tranquil archipelagos of the Seychelles and escape the winter chill.

Join your fractional ownership yacht in the Seychelles, on the mountainous island of Mahe. Set off from Eden Marina to explore the coastline, dropping anchor off beaches of dazzling perfection and savouring a long, beachside lunch at one of the fine hotels, such as the Banyan Tree or Four Seasons.

Visit St Anne Island, just a short cruise away, and enjoy the spectacular snorkelling and diving offered by the protected marine park. Praslin Island, meanwhile, is famous for its stunning Coco de Mer palms, which tower above ancient jungle. And a trip to the superb Raffles Spa and cocktail terrace will have you pinching yourself, to check you haven’t fallen into a dream. But this isn’t a dream, it’s simply one of the benefits of being part of yacht co-ownership in the Seychelles.

La Digue is incontestably the most photographed of all the islands, and little wonder: this undeveloped beauty is home of some of the most breathtaking beaches on earth, with giant granite boulders meeting soft white sand and sapphire sea. The famous giant tortoises amble along forest paths here, and oxen draw carts past old vanilla plantations.

Cocos Island is also dazzlingly beautiful, and as you approach this tiny islet of boulders and a few lonely palm trees, you’ll feel like Robinson Crusoe, for this is desert-island perfection. There’s also some stellar diving and snorkelling around the island, so drop anchor and make an afternoon of it.

For adventurous souls craving an even more exotic experience, make a longer trip of it and cruise out to the Outer Islands – coral atolls of almost painful perfection. Through SmartYacht co-ownership, you can book two- or three-weeks’ yacht usage every season. That will give you plenty of time to explore this remote paradise, where you can dine to your heart’s content on moonlit sandbars and swim in crystal-clear seas beneath cloudless blue skies.

Paradise Found: Yacht Co-ownership in the Seychelles


Yacht Co-ownership in the Seychelles
Yacht Co-Ownership in the Seychelles

Are the Seychelles the most beautiful islands on earth? They are certainly in the running. And there is no better way to explore them than by private yacht. Even better, you can have all the luxuries of yacht ownership, without the excessive costs and hassle, when you choose the fractional ownership yacht Seychelles option through SmartYacht.

Winter is coming? As a co-owner of a SmartYacht in the Seychelles, you can’t wait.


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