Is Fractional Yacht Ownership A Good Choice For You?


Fractional yacht ownership allows you to avoid the high expenditure and stress of buying a yacht on your own, while still enjoying all the pleasures of having a luxury yacht at your disposal. Sharing a yacht with a couple of other people drastically brings the cost down, meaning most people are able to afford a yacht three times the size they had imagined. Plus, we take care of all the boring admin, from cleaning to maintenance, leaving you more time to enjoy your precious leisure time aboard. For many people, shared yacht ownership is the perfect compromise between all-out ownership and chartering, which can feel overpriced and lacks the comfort of coming back to your on-the-water home time and time again. But could this innovative model work for you? Find out below.

Is fractional yacht ownership the right choice for you?

A closer look at fractional yacht ownership

How much leisure time do you have?

For the modern busy person, owning a yacht outright simply does not make sense when compared to the amount of leisure time we have available. Even if you have more flexibility than those working the classic Monday-to-Friday working week, you are unlikely to be able to spend nearly as much time aboard as you would like, making it a difficult purchase to justify. That’s where fractional yacht ownership comes in, offering you the chance to own a yacht without the fear it will spend months on end sitting unused.

Of course, if you have all the time in the world to play with – perhaps you are entering retirement – and know that you want to spend the majority of this new-found freedom on the yacht, then you may well be better off buying your own, ensuring it is available for your use all year round. But for the majority of people, shared yacht ownership provides more than enough time onboard.

Another time-saving benefit of this ownership model is that we manage all the dull, administrative parts of yacht ownership. SmartYacht arranges maintenance, mooring and repositioning, takes care of the cleaning, laundry and provisioning and even sources crew on request. This takes the stress out of yacht ownership and makes sure the admin doesn’t cut into your leisure time – all that’s left for you to do is step onboard and enjoy.

Whether you should buy a fractional yacht ownership depends on how much leisure time you have available

Do you enjoy making the most of your money?

No matter how passionate you are about yachting, you can’t deny that buying a yacht by yourself is extremely expensive. It can often feel like everything costs more than it should. However, when you partake in a fractional yacht ownership scheme suddenly the price becomes a lot more reasonable. In fact, most people are delighted to find they can afford a yacht three times the size they expected, meaning more room to invite your friends and family aboard. Annual running costs also drop significantly when shared out, bringing the dream of owning a yacht comfortably into reach.

SmartYacht ensures that all costs are transparent, so you know exactly what you need to pay for and when. Essentially, if you have bottomless funds and don’t mind spending them then buying your own personal yacht is a fabulous option, but shared yacht ownership means there is really no need!

Where is your ideal yachting region?

Our fractional yacht ownership locations cover all the most desirable spots, offering berths across the Mediterranean, Dubai and the Seychelles. So, whether you are looking for a glamorous French Riviera jaunt, an exotic UAE adventure or a blissful beachside escape, SmartYacht has you covered. For those who want a yacht based outside these areas, buying your own yacht may indeed prove a better option. However, we have chosen to provide yachts in these areas based on the fact that they are the world’s most popular yachting locations, so we hope we will be able to find you the destination of your dreams.

We offer fractional yacht ownership in many regions

What kind of yacht are you looking for?

We offer a range of the finest motor yachts under 45 ft, from the Princess 50 FLY to the Sunseeker PREDATOR 74. Our yachts typically have 3 double/twin guest cabins along with separate crew quarters, meaning plenty of room onboard for hosting all your favourite people. Imagine cruising along the coast at full speed, glass of champagne in hand, as your Captain steers you to your next destination. We don’t currently offer sailing or super yachts, so if these are your preference then our fractional yacht ownership scheme may not work for you, but please get in contact with our brokers to see what we can do. We are not affiliated with any particular brand, meaning we can search far and wide to meet your personal requirements.

What times of the year will you most likely want to use your yacht?

Our yachts can be used flexibly throughout the year, with each co-owner gaining access to an easy-to-use online booking platform to block out their preferred time onboard. Our system guarantees a fair allocation of yacht time between you and the other owners for summer, winter and off-season. What’s more, to avoid conflicts of interest in the calendar we only group together owners from different countries, with different ages and interests, meaning you should always be able to gain access to the yacht when you want it. So, unless you want to use the yacht all year every day of the year, fractional yacht ownership should work for you.

Consider when you will want to use your yacht when deciding whether to choose fractional ownership

Do you value your independence in ownership?

We know that independence is equally important in yacht ownership and co-ownership, and so we make sure all our co-owners feel completely in control of their yacht. Your property ownership is clearly separated from other co-owners, guaranteeing fair usage for all parties. You remain anonymous and detached from other owners, and you can sell your share at any time, thus actually providing more independence than you would get buying a yacht outright.

Co-ownership is often mistaken for yacht timeshare models which do not involve actual ownership, however the structure of SmartYacht is different. It protects co-owners against credit risks and the risk of indebtedness or insolvency on the part of other co-owners, making it far more secure than a yacht timeshare, and keeping your ownership firmly independent – a solid investment for years to come, as well as the ultimate luxury pastime.

If you think fractional yacht ownership is the right choice for you, get in touch with our team to find out more.


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