Get to Know the Spanish Culture


A holiday in Spain offers something for everyone, from idyllic beaches to world-class nightclubs. What better way to explore its gamut of cultural diversities than on board your own fractional yacht?


Many people think of Spain as a holiday haven, whether they are stopping through on their fractional yacht or soaking up the atmosphere ashore. But exactly what is it about this beautiful Mediterranean country that makes it so special? Below, we investigate the highlights of Spain and the vibrant culture that drives it, so that next time you consider visiting you have a local’s knowledge of the place (but with all the exploration time of a holiday-maker!)


The best beaches in Spain

Yet another beautiful beach you could visit on your fractional yacht - Calella de Palafrugell, traditional whitewashed fisherman village

Spain is statistically Europe’s sunniest country, with coastal areas enjoying on average more than 300 days of sunshine each year. And where better to head when the weather is warm than to the seaside? But with more than 5,000km of beaches, the real challenge is singling out the best. When travelling on a fractional yacht the priority is always luxury, but choosing a favourite beach comes down to a variety of factors.


For those who desire tranquility, try anchoring your yacht in a peaceful cove such as Finca Cortesin Beach Club, a 6,000 square metre club boasting exclusivity, crystal clear sea and natural beauty. If you prefer an extravagant party beach atmosphere, Ibiza’s Playa d’en Bossa is must-visit alongside local treasure Sanxenxo resort in lively Galicia. Spain truly does have something for everyone.


Where to get the perfect paella?

A traditional seafood paella in the frying pan on a wooden old table – SmartYacht recommends sampling this culinary delight

There are few things better after a day out on your fractional yacht than to sit at a beachside restaurant, toes in the sand, and share an assortment of culinary delights. Luckily, Spain is home to a number of mouthwatering delicacies, from paella to patatas bravas to the famous Iberico ham.


Spain’s favourite paella spots include Valencia’s La Pepica, a beachside institution since 1898 which was noted in Ernest Hemingway’s memoir for its wonderful food. For an all-round gourmet experience, San Sebastian on the border with South-West France is a particular mecca for foodies.


Without doubt one of Spain’s greatest achievements is the invention of sangria, traditionally a refreshing red-wine based punch which is served up and down the country. However, why not branch out and try one of the delicious variations that have sprung up over the years? Bubó Bar in Barcelona offers a sangria Cointreau cocktail, where the French orange-flavoured liqueur takes this Spanish drink to the next level.


Where is best to visit for architecture?

Step off your fractional yacht and visit Gaudi’s Park Guell in Barcelona for these breath-taking views

Spain is not all about the beach. It boasts some of Europe’s finest architectural cities which should definitely feature on your itinerary this summer. Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Granada are just four magical cities full of ambiance and charm waiting to be explored.


Of particular interest is Barcelona, which is filled to the brim with Gaudi’s unique designs. Check out the stunning Sagrada Familia and Park Guell; we promise you won’t have seen anything like them before. Or for more traditionally Spanish architecture, visit the gorgeous Palma – already a firm favourite with many fractional yacht owners. Best known for La Seu, its imposing 13th-century Gothic cathedral, Palma is also home to many other extraordinary pieces of architectural brilliance including the Plaza de Toros, known by locals as the Balaeric coliseum.


Where to go for the hottest Spanish nightlife?

Non-stop partying: young people dance at this Ibiza night club as confetti fills the air

All big towns and cities up and down the coast have great nightlife, but the most famous clubs are found on the party island of Ibiza. The world’s biggest DJs tend to have residencies that last for the entirety of the party season, with opening parties starting as early as April and club nights running until October.  Clubs not to miss are Amnesia, Pacha and DC-10, whilst dance music legend Eric Prydz will join Hï Ibiza this summer for the second season running.


In order to be able to stay up until the small hours of the morning, many people in Spain take a large and well-earned siesta in the afternoon. We thoroughly recommend those coming on holiday to Spain on a fractional yacht adopt the practice – and enjoy!


See Spain your way

SmartYacht’s fractional yachting concept allows you to explore beautiful seascape bays like Majorca Panorama, pictured here

Fractional yachting offers yachting enthusiasts the opportunity to sail around Spain and beyond at a fraction of the cost and minimum effort. Imagine you could get a yacht three times bigger than any vessel you would usually get for your investment. You can use it as you like and your preferred holidays are always available for you. Welcome to the smart way of yachting.


The SmartYacht concept offers year-round service and the option of using all yachts of the SmartYacht fleet worldwide without further investment. Berthing, cleaning, maintenance, repairs and the management of your vessel is our business. Simply step on board and enjoy the delights of Spain…


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