Interview with Verena Staettner about Dusseldorf Boat Show 2014

What is your overall impression of the Dusseldorf Boat Show 2014?

Boot Düsseldorf 2014 proved once again that it is the major industry gathering and a significant driving economic force. The show attracted numerous German and international visitors, many of whom were keen to make purchases (250,000 visitors in total this year), and offered every kind of yachting product and service imaginable. In our opinion, the boat show is rightly considered to be the biggest and most important yacht exhibition in Europe.

What are the latest trends in the yachting industry?

Every year the exhibition unveils new industry trends. This year, a new trend has emerged on the market for large motor yachts – customers are looking to receive more value for their money. In fact, people are looking for reasonable alternatives to sole yacht ownership that would allow them to save money and get rid of many hassles associated with yacht maintenance. In a search for such an option, many turn to yacht fractional ownership. Consequently, Smart Yacht’s concept of co-ownership is becoming more and more famous in Western and Central Europe.

What was the most common thing people wanted to know about Smart Yacht?

The first question that people, who were considering yacht sharing, asked was how to guarantee flexible usage and avoid overlaps, especially in the high season. SmartYacht solves this through combining only co-owners with diverse interests (different countries, holidays, etc.). Moreover, people were keen to learn how Smart Yacht can guarantee security among the co-owners and how they can leave the contract, if they chose to do so.  The reason why we like being a part of such an exhibition is that it provides an ideal opportunity to meet people personally, answer their questions, address any doubts they might have and build a relationship of trust.

What were the major highlights of the Smart Yacht’s presentation at the exhibition?

This year we presented at a brand-new stand at the Boat Show. The two major highlights of our presentation were the following: visitors could watch the new video on a big LED screen and visit the yachts we offer right there at the fair (the yachts were provided in cooperation with Sunseeker).  Thanks to the great position of our stand, right next to the big motor yachts, we could profit from a strong flow of visitors to our stand. Beside the in-depth meetings we had with prospective clients, we also had more than 70 new registrations by people seriously interested in yacht shares. To sum up, the show definitely exceeded our expectations.

Should we expect to see Smart Yacht at the Dusseldorf Boat Show 2015?

Yes, definitely. It’s the most important show for us and shouldn’t be missed at all! It’s an ideal platform to present our yacht sharing concept interactively and communicate with potential customers face to face.

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