LYBRA to Launch New Yacht Show in Barcelona in May 2018

Summer is nearly upon us. But there is still time to finalise your plans for an ideal sunshine getaway. If you’d like to find the perfect charter or fractional yacht ownership option for your holiday, thankfully, it’s not too late.

In fact, a brand new event being held in the exclusive setting of Barcelona’s Port Vell next month might just answer all your questions and help you find your ideal charter solution.


The Superyacht Show Kicks Off in Barcelona in 2018


The Superyacht Show Kicks Off in Barcelona in 2018


This upcoming event – to be known simply as The Superyacht Show – will be the latest fixture on the megayacht circuit. This will be its inaugural edition and will take place between May 2nd and May 5th 2018 in the Barcelona’s spanking new OneOcean Marina. The aim of the event, which has been organised by the Large Yacht Brokers Association (LYBRA), is to offer potential superyacht buyers, as well as those looking to charter these luxurious vessels, the opportunity to view first-hand a selection of the world’s leading, cutting-edge megayachts.


Enjoy an Intimate Experience with a Range of Megayachts


The superyachts at this innovative show – some of which will be available for fractional yacht ownership – will be showcased along the Mediterranean quay. Visitors and guests will be able to truly appreciate the sumptuous interiors and sleek exteriors of the stunning yachts on display.

The idea of the new Superyacht Show is to put the client front and centre by providing a sophisticated and serene atmosphere for potential superyacht buyers and charterers to view the vessels, without the crowds and hustle and bustle normally associated with mainstream boat shows.

Jonathan Beckett, president of LYBRA, said: “The idea of a client-focused show was put forward several years ago and we’ve been working on the details for quite some time. We have a great team in place and while our expectations for the first year are modest, I’m confident we’re laying a very solid foundation for the future.”

Participants in the inaugural edition of the Superyacht Show include all member companies of LYBRA. To be a member of LYBRA, a company has to be a superyacht brokerage whose fleet is made up of yachts that start at 29.87 metres (98 feet) in length.

Organisers are already planning to expand the line-up for the 2nd Edition in 2019 and envisage incorporating several major shipyards.

“Our members are acutely aware of their responsibility to exhibit their client’s vessels at a time and place that is most likely to produce serious enquiries from qualified buyers. Over time, we therefore plan to develop the show into the definitive, pre-summer buying opportunity in the Mediterranean,” said Eric Blair, secretary general of LYBRA.

Access to the marina, built for the 1992 Olympic games, will be strictly reserved for visitors with a valid ticket or pass. Tickets are being sold in five categories: superyacht broker, superyacht buyer/charterer, superyacht professional, press and other. A four-day pass costs €150 while a day pass is available for €50.


Shared Yacht Ownership Options at The Superyacht Show


Azimut Flybridge 50 with SmartYacht
Azimut Flybridge 50 with SmartYacht


The concept of shared yacht ownership is one that is coming into its own. It enables keen yachting enthusiasts, as well as those who simply long to experience the pleasures of the yachting lifestyle, to enter the privileged ranks of yacht ownership, without the prohibitive costs and responsibilities of owning, crewing and running a luxury yacht year-round.

SmartYacht is at the forefront of this ever-increasing shift towards shared yacht ownership models. We offer third-share ownership, quarter-share ownership, and an elite vacation membership club model on our global fleet of luxury yachts.

These innovative options appeal to those boating fans at the show who either can’t afford a luxury yacht outright, or who can afford sole ownership easily, but don’t have occasion to use a yacht often enough to justify the expense. Shared ownership also attracts existing yacht owners who wish to reduce their costs through yacht share or vacation club bookings.

In addition, for frequent yacht charterers, SmartYacht’s vacation club program provides a drastically more affordable method of chartering.





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