Mediterranean Summer: the Perfect Cruising Climate

It’s certainly fair to say that when the weather is fine on the French Riviera, it’s the perfect time for messing about on the water.

And fortunately for those of you about to head here to pick up the keys to your luxury fractional ownership yacht, it’s fine pretty much all summer long!

Just like the old song from the 1960s written by British songwriter Tony Hatch, there really is no better thing to do on a sunny summer’s day than to set sail in your own yacht.

Summers on the Cote d’Azur are ideal for sailing, which is why a large number of our fractional ownership yachts are based here from May through to September.

The Mediterranean climate is characterised by cool winters and mild summers, with on average a staggering 300 days of sunshine per year. The impressive tally of sunny days is linked to the French Riviera’s unique position nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and the French Alps. This protected position creates a micro-climate that makes the area’s weather so delightful – and so perfect for sailing.

Sailing really begins here in May, with temperatures hovering in the late teens, and often reaching the early 20Cs. Many clients choose this month to visit the French Riviera because as well as being guaranteed fine weather there is also the added bonus of the Cannes Film Festival and Monaco Grand Prix.

In June, the thermometer rises to around 22C whilst in July it can be as warm as 30C although the average temperature is around 25C. The sea temperature during this month is between 23- 25C which is perfect for swimming off the back of the boat.

August is the hottest month, with temperatures regularly reaching 30C, although it never feels too hot on the deck of a boat as there is usually a constant breeze to cool things down. Meanwhile in September temperatures fall to a very pleasant average of 21C.

The famous ‘Mistral’ wind – a strong, cold and usually dry regional wind coming from the north or northwest – can strike throughout the summer, although there is usually plenty of warning to allow you safe anchorage.

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