Trending Yachting Destinations in the Mediterranean for Spring 2014

The beauty of the Mediterranean is that is a tantalizing yachting destination all year long. While summer is certainly the best season to enjoy its turquoise waters, spring doesn’t lag far behind.  In fact, yachting in the Mediterranean in spring has one distinct advantage – you escape the crowds and are able to explore the jewels of the Mediterranean coast in tranquility.

There are certain destinations that are trending more than the rest this spring. Here is our pick of top destinations to discover aboard your fractional ownership yacht this spring.



Sicily is not only the largest island in the Mediterranean, but is also one of the most popular yachting destinations in the region. Bustling waterfront towns, ancient Greek sites, picturesque fishing villages, and Aragonese churches are but a few examples of the diverse destinations that can be visited on your yachting trip to Sicily. These impressive monuments of the past, set against backgrounds of astonishing natural beauty, will leave you surely amazed and are well worth cruising on your fractional yacht to.

Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain are one of Europe’s favourite cruising playgrounds. The islands are outstandingly beautiful with their endless coves and beaches, ideal for anchoring your fractional yacht, picturesque ports and golden beaches. Anchor your vessel and take the pleasure of strolling the cobbled streets and indulging in Spanish tapas.


The most northern island of the Greek Ionian Islands, Corfu offers stunning scenery, magical sunsets and sublime climate conditions. There are many secret beaches along the coast of the island that are perfect for day trips. Yachting in Corfu in spring means spending lazy days on the water at secluded anchorage off the tourist track. Numerous tiny islands, only accessible by a yacht, are perfect for island hopping in the Mediterranean, offering the kind of charm that only places untouched by mass tourism can.

The French Riviera

The French Riviera is a flagship yachting destination in the Mediterranean throughout the year. Spring is a perfect time to discover without any haste its elegant coastal villages and nearly deserted islands, such as Iles d’Hyeres or Iles des Lerins, located right off the coast. However, closer to the end of the season, the French Riviera will be buzzing with world-class events, such as Cannes Film Festival and Formula One Grand Prix, so plan your yachting trip accordingly.

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