Monaco Gears Up for the Grand Prix on 28th May 2017

The team at SmartYacht is eagerly awaiting the upcoming Monaco Grand Prix that takes place at the end of the month. Those fortunate enough to charter or own yachts in the Mediterranean in May usually flock to the glamorous city-state to follow the action up close in the lap of luxury. You don’t have to be a racing fan to enjoy this iconic event is an iconic event, known by even those who don’t follow car racing. This year, it takes place from Thursday 25th May to Sunday 28th May and promises a weekend of festivities, adrenaline-packed racing and parties.

Grand Prix

The Principality’s famous street circuit is one of the world’s most technically challenging and offers plenty of thrills for drivers and spectators alike. The race takes place on public roads, designed for road cars that have been are lined with unforgiving barriers. The track is laid out on the streets of Monte Carlo and La Condamine and features lots of pulse-raising twists and turns, such as the famous Rascasse bend. There is also a moment when cars emerge from a tunnel at high speed and enter a chicane. The sudden dazzling bright sunlight is a huge challenge to the driver’s vision.

Monaco Grand Prix 2017

Taking your yacht share to Port Hercules is the perfect way to get right into the centre of the action. Not only, do you get to see the race up close and smell the burning rubber of F1 tyres as they roar past, but you also have instant trackside accommodation.  and a luxurious party venue right on the track- and front row seats as the cars speed past and round the famous Rascasse bend. Soak up the ambience, dine in Monaco’s Michelin star restaurants, and throw glittering parties on the sundeck under the lights of Monaco’s skyscrapers and grand hotels.

Monaco Grand Prix 2017

It’s also possible to view Monaco’s street circuit – chicanes, tunnels, hairpin bends and all – from a range of suitably luxurious locations across the city. A number of hotels have unrivalled views and services for individuals and corporate clients. For example, the Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel, recently announced “Monaco’s Leading Resort Spa” by the World Travel Awards, has a fantastic panoramic view of the legendary Fairmont Hairpin. This corner is slow but requires expert precision from drivers. In fact, the Monaco track is surprisingly slow despite its fame, but it’s also deceptively dangerous as the narrow roads make overtaking extremely dangerous.

Fairmont Hotel Monaco Grand Prix

The action doesn’t finish with the races, and there is an abundance of dining options and vibrant nightspots catering to the F1 crowd. When darkness falls, those in the know head to the Amber Lounge, which is held at the upscale Le Méridien Beach Plaza Hotel. Over three nights, revellers watch famous musical artists perform exclusive live performances, followed by top DJs who lead the party into the early hours. It’s not just VIP spectators who go to Amber Lounge, but celebrities and Formula 1 drivers gather there with their friends and family on the final night after an exhausting few days on the track.

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