Owning a yacht in Golfe Juan means a thousand opportunities for snorkelling.

Discover the Best of Croatia on BAVARIA 420

  Charming Croatia still seems like a little-known secret, despite its popularity in recent years. Its East Mediterranean location means it’s slightly off the beaten track, whilst its fascinating history, secluded, unspoilt beaches and relaxed pace of life make it … Continued

Whether enjoying shared boat ownership or the SmartYacht membership club, sail to Mljet for unrivalled beauty.

Want Cheaper Yachting Holidays? Join our Club

  Imagine if for just €490 you could get short-term access to exclusive crewed yachts, based at hotspots all around the Mediterranean, for ridiculously low prices. Craving a spring date in Mallorca or a summer getaway to Croatia? Fancy a … Continued

Friends toast to a good yachting investment.

Must-Visit Croatian Game of Thrones Filming Spots

  The cult US TV show Game of Thrones is a hit for many reasons. Its combination of fiery drama, fast-moving plot twists and quick-witted one-liners keeps viewers on tenterhooks. A cast of extremely talented actors portray complex, multi-dimensional and … Continued

The impressive Klis Fortess: the spot where Meereen city was conquered in Game of Thrones. Yachts lined up in preparation of the Monaco yacht show - one of these yachts could be yours with a shared yacht ownership scheme

Get to Know the Spanish Culture

  A holiday in Spain offers something for everyone, from idyllic beaches to world-class nightclubs. What better way to explore its gamut of cultural diversities than on board your own fractional yacht?   Many people think of Spain as a … Continued

Yet another beautiful beach you could visit on your fractional yacht - Calella de Palafrugell, traditional whitewashed fisherman village SmartYacht recommends the Mallorca beach bay of beautiful Puerto Portals, pictured

SmartYacht at the Palma Boat Show

With spring finally here it is the perfect time to start planning the summer holidays. And, if you’re planning to spend your getaway onboard a private yacht, there’s no better place to gain yacht ownership inspiration than prestigious the Palma … Continued

Palma Boat Show

Discover Marvellous Monaco in the Springtime

It’s widely believed that everyone loves Paris in the springtime. Yet for those who take advantage of our SmartYacht yacht share ownership option, you might want to turn your sights further south during this time of year. Spring is the … Continued

Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters LYBRA