The Seychelles: the Ultimate Winter Destination

Perfect beaches, crystal clear water, plenty of islands to choose from, and all the seclusion you could want. Located off of the east coast of Africa in the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles are a dream luxury yacht charter destination. Winter is a wonderful time to visit since it’s summer on the group of 115 islands and the breezes are more gentle, and most beaches are largely weed free.

If your idea of the ultimate tropical island brings to mind palm-fringed beaches, powder soft sand, azure waters and verdant jungle, then the Seychelles will be your dream destination.

Water-Based Activities


Autumn and winter are the ideal time for those looking for peaceful cruising conditions to hop from beach to beach. Adventurous and pioneering visitors will love to explore the country’s numerous island’s, most of which are uninhabited. They are in two distinct groups including the Inner Island Group and the Outer Island Group. The inner islands offer miles of scenic coastline with safe anchorages and idyllic beaches, as well as secret coves and grottoes. They include two unique coral islands Denis Island and Bird Island which are ringed with flawless sand and offer a real Robinson Crusoe experience. The inner islands are much easier and safer to sail than the Outer Islands due to the low lying coral reefs and other hazards.

The Seychelles Sailing Cup is held in January, and the Water Festival celebrates the marine life of the islands by providing entertainment and competitions. Snorkelling and scuba diving are great all year round, with visibility reaching 30 metres and the water temperature can be as high as 29c. There are great opportunities for seeing turtles, sharks, sting rays, sailfish, tuna, dolphins and whale sharks.

Explore the Abundant Nature

Nearly half of the Seychelles’ territory is protected, and you can see a multitude of wild animals such as tortoises and brightly coloured fish. With fractional yacht ownership, you can have a romantic escape to the the Seychelles blissfully unspoilt forests and beaches at any time of the year with minimal fuss and spot a variety of wild animals. On your charter, you might visit Bird Island to observe at least 112 bird species. Head into any of the islands’ hills for a memorable or walk along the rugged granite cliffs, the most adventurous go to Fregate Island for really primeval jungle and the chance to see endangered hawksbill turtles come ashore to lay their eggs.


Fractional yacht ownership

The Sir Selwyn Clarke market in the capital of Victoria sells a wonderful selection of traditional souvenirs, spices and crafts. Shoppers will be impressed by the batik work, woven baskets, straw hats and beautifully-crafted wooden furniture, ornaments and model boats. In fact, the best shopping can be found on Mahé, both at the market and at the small boutiques selling art and jewellery made from green snail shells and sea shells. Tea, cinnamon and vanilla are also produced in the Seychelles and can be bought at local speciality shops.

Christmas in the Seychelles

The Seychelles is a predominantly Christian country so most of the holiday resorts make a special effort to celebrate Christmas and you’ll find a range of beach parties to see in the new year. Equally, you can find lots of quiet space to enjoy the festive season privately with your family and a host of hotels and companies happy to help you have a special holiday. The islands’ churches also have midnight mass with choirs for those who usually partake in the tradition.

How to Get to the Seychelles from Europe

The easiest and most direct way to reach the Seychelles from the UK is to fly to Seychelles International Airport on Mahé Island with Air Seychelles or Emirates (via Dubai) from London Heathrow. Transferring between Mahé and the smaller private islands is easy with Air Seychelles, which operates a good service of regular scheduled flights in small planes, which usually link well with international flights from London. Etihad Airways, Air France and Turkish Airlines offer good connections to the Seychelles from the European capitals.

If you are interested in yacht co-ownership in the Seychelles, please contact us for more information.

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