Smart Yacht offers the opportunity to co-own a yacht in Dubai

SmartYacht is pleased to be able to offer the opportunity to purchase a share in ultimate luxury, with a new shared yacht ownership scheme in Dubai. The dazzling lights of radiating skyscrapers will set the backdrop as you cruise around the metropolis of Dubai. The location has been selected by SmartYacht due to its emerging status as yachting hotspot and the unusual beauty of the region. We offer a unique opportunity to own a share in a yacht in a very exciting destination.

Smart Yacht offers the opportunity to co-own a yacht in Dubai 3

The vessel is a sensational Prestige 500 – the quality of which reflects the luxurious nature of the Dubai yachting scene. With a top speed of 28 knots, the sporty vessel is perfect for exploring on a filled itinerary. Alternatively, owners may prefer to relax while at anchor in the stunning location of Dubai. The chic yacht looks its best when carving through the water, yet the contemporary interior makes time spent inside the yacht extremely comfortable and very enjoyable. The yacht offers 3 cabins for 6 guests, with additional accommodation for crew members also provided. Moreover, there are many liveable spaces, such as the padded sunbathing area on deck, the spacious dining area – which merges indoor and outdoor spaces – or the open plan living area.

Smart Yacht offers the opportunity to co-own a yacht in Dubai 2

A share in the yacht can be purchased from as little as EUR 199,000 and the divide will be restricted to just three owners, offering each buyer the opportunity to own a luxury yacht, yet share the expenses. The yacht is offered with a captain and the option of a stewardess to make your time on board that little bit more special. Picture it now: you’ll be admiring the view of Dubai from the deck of your co-owned yacht, while your personal stewardess serves you an ice-cold beverage, safe in the knowledge that your experience is costing a fraction that yacht ownership would normally cost.

Smart Yacht offers the opportunity to co-own a yacht in Dubai 3

SmartYacht is extremely flexible with its service and always seeks to meet the needs and desires of the yacht owners. Rest assured that your satisfaction and enjoyment are top priorities when we sculpt our services. SmartYacht presents its yachts only in phenomenal condition and is always on hand to discuss your requirements. Do not hesitate to get in touch with the team, who are more than happy to discuss our fractional yacht ownership schemes.

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