SmartYacht Club: What to expect

Perhaps you may have heard about the concept of fractional yachts in the past, but not really understood what it’s all about, or how yacht sharing would actually work in practice. If so, this might help clear up some questions.

Fractional yachts offer a hassle-free system of boat sharing, whereby you can enjoy the pleasures of yacht ownership, typically for six weeks every year, at a dramatically reduced price.
This explanation, while it satisfies some, might leave others with more questions, such as:

What about people who have less than six weeks a year to spend on a yacht?

Or, what about those who want a personalised yachting experience and the cost-effectiveness that comes with a yacht share, but don’t feel the need to have an ownership stake?

Does fractional yacht co-ownership really work in these cases?

At SmartYacht, we know that different people want to use yachts differently, depending on their situations, needs and circumstances. For this reason, we have created three different yachting packages:

  1. Co-Ownership,
  2. Single Ownership, and
  3. SmartYacht Club.

SmartYacht Club represents our answer for those who aren’t interested in yacht ownership but are looking for an ultra-personalised yacht-share system that is both worry-free and up to 70% more cost-effective than chartering.


Sunset from a shared yacht with SmartYacht
Sunset from a shared yacht with SmartYacht

The Ideal SmartYacht Club Member

If unsure about whether membership in the SmartYacht Club is right for you. Here are some of the qualities, challenges and desires that SmartYacht Club members usually share and the solutions that SmartYacht Club membership affords them.


Lack of time to spend onboard

Many SmartYacht Club members are successful businesspeople, which often makes it impractical for them to be able to devote six weeks a year to a boat share. They can’t justify owning a part of a yacht when they simply won’t have the leisure time to properly enjoy it.
Yacht sharing in a membership club is the obvious solution, with two weeks available to members in three seasons: summer, winter, and shoulder.


Wish to avoid (even partial) responsibility for year-round maintenance costs

A savvy SmartYacht Club member doesn’t want to share year-round maintenance and running costs of a yacht in a traditional yacht sharing arrangement.

Co-ownership is undeniably great, but if you’re using the yacht for less than six weeks a year, you may not think it makes sense to pay a one-third share of the whole year’s costs (particularly if the other co-owners are using it more than you).

With SmartYacht Club membership, you just pay for operating costs when you’re onboard.


Azimut Magelano 66 with Smart Yacht
Azimut Magelano 66 with Smart Yacht

Desire to feel like the owner when onboard

While they may not have a great deal of time to spend at sea, SmartYacht Club members require that their yacht share feels like its their own boat. After all SmartYacht members are part of an exclusive group – they are more than charterers who pass through and will most likely never return to the same yacht.

SmartYacht Club membership ensures that your preferences are recorded and that the yacht is always set up just the way you like it. The permanent crew will remember and greet you each time as if you’re the owner. (Which in practice, you are, as your membership fees are what pay for the yacht to run.) So, the crew are therefore deeply invested in making sure you and your family are entirely at home.


Determination to avoid exorbitant charter fees

SmartYacht Club members are just that: smart. They know that chartering is an extremely expensive way to vacation.

SmartYacht cuts those costs significantly, offering SmartClub membership for up to 70% less than the fee of chartering a yacht for up to 6 weeks a year for three years.


Insistence on flexibility

SmartYacht Club members insist on keeping their options open. Aware that their yachting usage might change as circumstances alter and needs shift, they preserve the freedom to change their minds.

While Vacation Club Membership entitles club members to use one type of yacht, in one location, it also allows them to upgrade at any time to the Top 100 Membership, which allows access to the entire fleet, in any of the SmartYacht locations worldwide.

In addition, Vacation Club Membership comes with a provisioning service before you arrive, while Top 100 also offers a concierge service for your trips.

The SmartYacht system even allows you to upgrade to co-ownership yacht share or single ownership if you find yourself addicted to the yachting lifestyle and want to spend more time onboard.


Azimut Flybridge 50 with SmartYacht
Azimut Flybridge 50 with SmartYacht

Focus on eliminating hassles

SmartYacht members don’t have the time to deal with the usual challenges and worries associated with yacht ownership. Their busy lifestyle doesn’t allow for dealing with any of the ongoing obligations, outlays and demands that full-time yacht owners regularly have to face.

The SmartYacht system delivers utterly carefree cruising, with membership prices beginning at €34,900.

Fractional yachts are the future, whether you co-own or want to be a part of an elite yacht sharing membership club like SmartYacht Club.

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