SmartYacht: The Service Package

Have you been interested in yacht co-ownership, but yet to take the plunge? Well, our exciting new Service and Lifestyle Package is set to revolutionise fractional yacht ownership and improve standards. At SmartYacht, we’re in the business of fulfilling our shareholders’ dreams. Participating in a yacht share is not just paying part yacht ownership; it’s an attitude. It’s investing in a lifestyle and state of mind that elevates your yachting experiences to a unique level of luxury. Best of all, it’s complimentary for each owner who has already invested in SmartYacht’s yacht ownership shares.

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So what can our clients expect with the new Service and Lifestyle Package? There are a number of exciting features that you can automatically access if you join our SmartYacht Club. Firstly, we offer all-season yacht management. We know that one of the things that potential yacht owners find off-putting is having to take care of the administration and maintenance of a yacht. It can be a quite daunting – not to mention expensive – venture if you’re new to yachting. However, as part of our Service and Lifestyle Package, we find you the most compatible co-owners and co-ordinate between them, as well as testing, purchasing and registering the yacht. Maintenance, mooring, cleaning and repositioning aren’t exactly fun prospects for those who just want to enjoy a yacht holiday with their family. We take the hassle away by taking care of all aspects of professional yacht management, which leaves you with plenty of free time to sit back and relax on your yacht or plan for your next adventure on board.

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Another great feature of our Service Package is provision of the crew for your holiday. Depending on the size of the yacht, a crew on board is included and at your disposal during your stay. Alternatively, if you want to operate the yacht yourself, our experienced skippers can train and instruct you in the safe operation and use of the yacht. Meanwhile, our discreet and efficient staff can arrange your laundry and dry cleaning during your time on board.  Fresh towels and sheets will be prepared for you and all of your guests when arriving and you can expect the vessel to look immaculate. And when it’s time for you to leave the boat, we’ll remove your personal effects, such as clothing and sporting/recreational equipment and store them safely ready for your next arrival.

Our customisable solutions extend to online reservations. Our reservation system is extremely easy to use, whether you want to make an advance reservation or a last-minute booking. You can see at a glance which yachts in the SmartYacht fleet are available for the dates you require.  If an owner owns a third share in a yacht, but it’s not available for the date or destination he/she wants, then they can choose a different available yacht in the same class.

The modern online reservation platform also allows you convenient online ordering of beverages and food before you come on board. We will make sure the fridge is filled up with the items of your choice ready for your arrival. We continually monitor, maintain and upgrade the booking system to improve communications with our clients. SmartYacht can also meet any special wishes you may have, regardless of the yacht class.

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To summarise, our Service and Lifestyle Package comes with all fractional yacht offers without any additional costs and includes:

  • All-season yacht administration and management

  • Provision of crew/onboard training

  • Storage of personal items

  • Laundry and dry cleaning service

  • Online reservation

  • Pre-arrival shopping service

We can extend the Service and Lifestyle Package at any time by adding services such as travel or organisation of recreational activities, to make your shared boat ownership an extra special experience. If you’re interested in investing in yacht co-ownership and benefiting from SmartYacht’s Service and Lifestyle Package, please contact us.

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