SmartYacht: The Ultimate Yacht Co-ownership for 2017

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SmartYacht is delighted to have expanded our services and now offers more options for yacht ownership, co-ownership and club membership. In 2017, our clients and members will have access to even more fantastic luxury yachts, in even more exciting locations. Imagine having a yacht at your disposal, regardless of where you are and where you want to go to. Whether it’s a meeting with business partners in Dubai, a summer holiday in the Balearics or a winter cruise in the Caribbean, the word is at your command.

Our goal has always been to make yachting more enjoyable, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. SmartYacht has the perfect solution for both newcomers to yachting and yachting aficionados. Our yachts are at our clients’ disposal at multiple locations across the globe; they are not limited to one main base as would be the case with standard yacht ownership. This provides an all-year yachting season since we have vessels in the main hubs of the Mediterranean, Middle East, Seychelles and Caribbean. This year, we are expanding to other hot spots in the USA, Asia, and Australia.

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Co-ownership is based on the concept of bringing together a small exclusive group of international clients. This offers remarkable luxury with the benefits of exceptional value and flexibility. Each client will get at least three times more for their budget and we’ll take care of all the maintenance. A one-third co-ownership will triple the value in terms of the size, performance, quality, and luxury of the yachts. Not to mention, members can access yachts at multiple destinations and enjoy a first-class concierge service and complete management from purchase to sale. All our clients have to do is find a time that is good for them, book it online and step aboard and enjoy their precious vacation time.

We have an amazing selection of luxury yachts in our fleet and we respond to our clients’ wishes for certain yachts. However, we always recommend that our clients invest in well-known brands with impeccable design and construction, such as Princess, Sunseeker and Ferretti. Our clients can determine their own budget and the level of service required. For example, some people prefer to pilot smaller yachts themselves, but we also offer executive and luxury yachts that come with a captain and crew. Our Top 100 World Members can expect a full concierge service, including limousine airport transfers, tickets for events and berths in upscale marinas, as well as invitations to network at exclusive events such as the F1 Grand Prix. Whatever level of service clients choose, they can be sure to expect a five-star hotel experience when on board. Our luxury fleet is fully equipped with modern navigation tools and cleaned to perfection prior to each visit, including the provision of fresh bedding and towels.

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Co-owners who are new to the world of luxury yachting can take advantage of our expertise and advice on which yacht is most suitable for them. We match co-owners based on their yacht brand and size requirements. Club memberships are limited to three years but can be renewed periodically and all co-owners remain independent and have the right to sell their shares at any time.

If yacht ownership seems a big step to newcomers, the SmartYacht Vacation Club represents a unique opportunity for those who want to try the yachting lifestyle before making a bigger commitment. It’s an ideal solution for those who are looking for a lower investment but want more than a standard yacht charter. Club members can experience a variety of yachts of a certain pre-chosen category in two worldwide locations with flexible dates for a specified number of weeks every year.

If you would like any information about our exclusive yacht co-ownership packages and Vacation Club membership, please contact us .

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