SmartYacht and the Vacation club

Gone are the days when a cruise on a private luxury yacht was merely a privilege for the chosen few. SmartYacht’s pioneering fractional yachts turned it from a dream into a reality for many more people back in 2009, before our Vacation Club membership took it one step further.

Our incredibly flexible Vacation Club makes luxury yachting more affordable for everyone, making it the perfect option for those who do not wish to or cannot own a share of a yacht. Members receive a three year right of usage with any affordable yacht in the SmartYacht fleet, in a variety of locations, and can spend up to 9 weeks with friends and family onboard. Members also have the option of reserving a time period up to a year in advance and have all-around service with or without a crew. If the crew isn’t utilised there are few operational costs, which makes this an incredibly economical way of luxury yachting.

Vacation Club SmartYacht

Just to put that into perspective, for only a €29,000 initial fee for three years membership, Vacation Club participants can enjoy the Ferretti 500 luxury yacht in the beautiful Seychelles with only €669 daily cost contribution. Or for an Executive+ yacht such as the 21m, four cabin Ferretti 690, prices start at just €49,000 for three years membership with only €1,130 daily cost contribution. Comparatively, charter prices for this yacht can cost upwards of €4600 per day with other yachting companies. Even the Luxury Leopard 88, with an impressive 4370HP engine, fully stocked bar and entertainment system, several cabins and large salon area, is available for a mere €89,000 for three years membership and only €19450 daily cost contribution per week.

For those looking to spend more time on far away shores, whether it’s the summer in the Mediterranean, winter in the Caribbean, spring in the Gulf or Autumn in the Seychelles, our premium Gold Card offering is an ideal option. In return for an admission fee of just €100,000, you can make use of any SmartYacht at any location around the world, making this the most flexible package out there.

Vacation Club SmartYacht

Best of all, our modern online system makes it easier than ever to reserve a luxury SmartYacht. Simply choose the category which best corresponds to your needs and reserve your membership within our exclusive contingent. For more information on our Vacation Club or luxury yacht co-ownership, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the SmartYacht team.

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