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Imagine if for just €490 you could get short-term access to exclusive crewed yachts, based at hotspots all around the Mediterranean, for ridiculously low prices. Craving a spring date in Mallorca or a summer getaway to Croatia? Fancy a last-minute family vacation sailing around the idyllic Greek islands? Not yet part of our shared boat ownership scheme and so don’t have access to your own yacht? Not to worry, because as a SmartYacht Club member, you can still have the Med at your fingertips at minimal cost.


Sail the Greek islands with shared boat ownership, or by joining the SmartYacht club.


So how does it work?

A SmartYacht Club membership gives you full access to our online auction tool. This is constantly updated with new luxury yachts, available for use on set weeks at a heavily discounted price.

The yachts are put up for auction 2-8 weeks before you would be due to step onboard, and bidding lasts from 5-10 days depending on the boat. Once you’ve placed your bid, all you have to do is wait. Then, if you are the highest bidder, you will holiday on one of our fantastic yachts for up to 70% less cost than a typical charter.

With an experienced captain included free with all our yachts, you can completely relax onboard. Sip a glass of champagne and toast the good life and you cruise to warmer climes.


The full yachting experience

As a SmartYacht Club member, we will be here to support you before and during your stay on board, doing everything in our power to make it an incredible experience.

We also offer further opportunities to immerse yourself into yachting culture, providing free tickets for renowned yachting events and creating a profile for you should you want to upgrade to one of our premium shared boat ownership schemes.


A fractional yacht owner or member of the SmartYacht Club enjoys the yachting lifestyle.


The highest-quality vessels

What’s more, unlike some charter companies we only offer the most premium yachts. These vessels are part of our shared boat ownership fleet, and so we ensure that they are kitted out with all the latest equipment for your enjoyment.


Minimum investment

Once you have paid the €490 fee you are a SmartYacht Club member for an entire year, so you have plenty of time to make the most of it and can holiday whenever suits you. However, if nothing catches your eye there are no further obligations to invest. Membership can be terminated any time.


Friends toast to a good yachting investment.


What’s up for auction?

You could currently save over €10,000 on your dream yachting vacation by becoming a member.

Boats include a stunning Princess vessel, on offer with its usual price of €16,500 slashed to €6,990+, and the Sunseeker Manhattan, down from €25,000 to €8,990+ for a limited time only. For cheaper yachting holidays that don’t compromise on quality, the SmartYacht Club is undeniably a smart move.


Have any questions? Learn more about the SmartYacht Club Membership by emailing us at office@smartyacht.net or calling +423 79 39355. We are always happy to help.


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